team building


“It was so off the grid for us…fun to work on something new together – you can see your co-workers in such a different context.” – N. Smith, Intentional Environments

Art on Purpose creative team building events will create an energized corporate awareness that has a direct impact on productivity and client relations.

Art on Purpose designs group projects to encourage creativity, collaboration, communication, innovation, risk taking  and support.  We provide a non-judging forum within the corporate environment to encourage participants out of their comfort zones.  All participants will be engaged in the process with no bystanders.

Events will focus on specific goals, such as kicking off a meeting, promoting a new product line, problem solving, risk taking or to defining corporate values. Workshops will emphasize the value of the individual’s skill set used for a common goal.

In the end, a composite of skills will be showcased with strong visual evidence of the power of collaboration.  The group art project can be permanently displayed to remind coworkers of a positive, productive group experience.