plan an event


“It was amazing to me how much everyone got so totally immersed in the project – they were completely engaged in the project and really cared about the end result.”
– D. Arnold, Arnold Ostrom Marketing

To begin the process, we will provide a free consultation to discuss your needs and get an understanding of your company’s culture and personality.
From there we will customize your event or you can choose a basic event with possible options to address your objectives. We offer 2 or 3 hour sessions or extended sessions with a lunch break. The morning and afternoon sessions will focus on different objectives.

Art on Purpose will provide all materials for the event which can be held either at the corporate facility or off site. We are happy to provide food and refreshments upon request.

Basic Creativity Session:
Focuses on: attitude – energy and productivity

With guidance from an Art on Purpose staff member each team is given a set of objectives, such as corporate values. These will be designed into a large collaborative painting by the participants. This project emphasizes collaboration and communication among team members. In order to make a coherent image together they will need to work together.

Although rates will vary, an estimate for the basic session is $85. per person for 2 hrs. All materials are included.

Customized Events:
Focuses on: creativity communication collaboration problem solving

A mural image is created by an Art on Purpose staff member which subtly features your corporate message; such as values, new product line, a kick off to a meeting. Teams are then given an image to paint which is their contribution to the larger mural. Each person’s skill is valued and put to a common goal. In the end, the composite of skills showcases visual evidence of the power of collaboration. The large mural can be permanently displayed as a reminder of a very positive productive group experience.

Although rates will vary, an estimate for the customized session is $100. per person, all materials included.

Nonverbal Communication Exercise:
An exercise in intuitive communication between co-workers. Each person on a team visually communicates, nonverbally, a facet of the corporate culture, there are no bystanders, each person is engaged and paying attention because it is a rotating participation. This exercise is a great attitude/energy boost.

$50. per person for 1 hr. to add to a 2 or 3 hr. event

Hand Drumming:
With the guidance of a hand drum instructor, hand drumming is a truly off-the-grid experience (for most). It is a real energy and bonding boost that harkens back to our primal roots. Each person has their own hand drum and are given fun and easy beats to play along.

$45. per person for 1/2 hr. – very effective to kick off or wrap up an event